Before going home

One more hour of waiting left and I’m on my way back home, that is if there won’t be any flight delays. I’m sitting front row, smack in front of the blind man playing his guitar here at Sibulan Airport in Dumaguete. That’s when I decided to write here because I want it to be my new tradition, me collecting my thoughts as I return to ground zero.

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Over 30,000 feet

It's a plane thing

The passenger parallel to me has been writing on her notebook the entire flight. It’s amazing. She probably never stopped writing. I used to be capable of writing with pen and paper for hours and hours but now my hands can’t manage the stress. My hands get strained easily; which brings me to wonder how many other things will I love but eventually shed off. Like a thief in the night, there are changes that take more than what the eyes can see.
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