Source: The well-known snack brand ran a digital-only campaign to drive awareness for its two newly launched cheesecake flavours using mobile-first video ads on Facebook and Instagram, exceeding sales revenue target by 28%.


Launching digitally

Philadelphia wanted to ensure it efficiently and cost-effectively communicated the launch of its new, ready-to-eat cheesecake to Singaporeans.


Going mobile-first

Philadelphia ran a brand awareness campaign using mobile-first video ads in News Feed on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Instagram Stories, to launch its two new cheesecake flavours.

The brand started with an existing long-form TV commercial and adapted it for mobile viewing. Philadelphia partnered with the creative production company The Idea Lab, which is part of Facebook’s MobileWorks programme, to recut the commercial and create a series of video ads that were tailored to the specific requirements of Facebook News Feed, Instagram feed and Instagram Stories. The Idea Lab also helped with creative optimisation of the videos, such as highlighting the key message and branding early in the video.

The campaign ran on Facebook, Instagram and Stories throughout the month of December 2019, broadly targeting Singaporeans 18–55 years old. Philadelphia also used reach and frequency targeting to reach the target audience several times during the campaign period.


Spreading success

Philadelphia’s launch campaign followed best-practice guidelines for creative optimisation and delivered great brand results:

  • 28% more sales revenue than target
  • 3.9-point lift in brand awareness
  • 7.4-point lift in ad recall

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