Source: The luxe beauty company used Messenger and Messenger Comment Entry to quickly and easily interact with shoppers during a Facebook Live event and saw a 2.7X increase in sales.


Reaching shoppers in real time

The skincare brand wanted to launch a new sun care product and increase online sales with a live shopping event and conversational commerce.


Sophisticated conversational commerce

La Roche-Posay aimed to boost awareness of its new sun care product and the ultra-violet (UV) camera that helps show how well someone’s skin is protected when using sunscreen, as well as a Facebook Live event that would promote both. So, the brand worked with Facebook Creative Shop to create an ad that would run ahead of the event, promoting it and allowing people to RSVP and opt in to receiving a notification when the live shopping event began. This preliminary campaign targeted ads to women aged 18–30 who were interested in cosmetics and skincare and who lived in urban areas throughout Vietnam.

To make it easy for people to communicate with the brand during the Facebook Live event, La Roche-Posay partnered with a Facebook Solution Engineer to implement a Messenger Comment Entry tool into its Messenger-powered digital assistant. With this solution in place, the La Roche-Posay presenters encouraged viewers to use a dedicated hashtag in the comments to trigger a conversation via Messenger so that they could then purchase the product using a unique promotion code.

After the event, the skincare brand ran a campaign of ads that click to Messenger featuring a mix of branded content ads, educational information about products and promotions that encouraged people who had viewed the Facebook Live event in the last 60 days or who had interacted with the brand via Messenger or its website to start a new conversation. The campaign was also targeted to a lookalike audience of the people who had interacted with La Roche-Posay online to boost brand awareness further. With this campaign, La Roche-Posay tested the ad creative to learn which assets drove more sales and conducted a conversion lift study to measure results.


Greater sales and insights

With its Live Shopping event, La Roche-Posay increased its online sales and gathered audience insights, as well as earned the following results:

  • 10,000 views of La Roche-Posay Page during the one-hour Facebook Live event
  • 1.8X increase in return on ad spend
  • 2.7X lift in sales
  • 77% increase in add to cart

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