Have you plotted down your new year resolutions yet? Perhaps 2015 is the year to surprise yourself with a new challenge like triathlon, a multi-sport race including swimming, biking and running.

“Triathlon probably made me a better person,” celebrity triathlete Drew Arellano said to describe his seven years of being into triathlon.

To further his passion for the sport, Drew partnered up with AyosDito.ph in the recently concluded #SportsKoAyosDito campaign which aims to make sports like triathlon, among many, accessible to more Filipinos by providing a common marketplace where enthusiasts can pass on pre-loved equipment to newbies.

Watch how Drew Arellano in partnership with AyosDito.ph in #SportsKoAyosDito campaign, supports aspiring athletes train to be better athletes.


What is your motivation?

Maridol Yabut, an aspiring triathlete who has been running marathons since 2010, wanted to challenger herself more. “Triathlon is in my bucket list—those things you have to do before you die. I want to prove to myself that I can do it,” but she asks, “Can I afford it?”

How much does it take?

Drew understands how for a lot of aspiring triathletes, it’s the bike that comes as a big hurdle. Tri-bikes are known to be expensive and for aspiring triathletes like Maridol, it can be intimidating.

“One major misconception about triathlon is it’s an elitist sport. It’s not. For triathlete beginners, stay informed about the sport. For example, with biking, there are lots of second-hand choices that can fit any beginner’s budget.” 

Drew shared how several years ago, there wasn’t much knowledge and information about triathlon. “Fast forward to today, the sport has grown to become bigger and more popular,” he said emphasizing how triathlon beginners can be more resourceful in starting their passion.

drewSeven years and counting. Drew Arellano continues his love for triathlon by passing on his knowledge and tri-experiences to aspiring tri-athletes.

“Having the right gear will help aspiring athletes to focus on what they need to do: to build on their endurance, stamina, and speed.” 

How to get started with triathlon—the right way

Like Drew, Coach Miguel emphasized how at the beginning of a triathlete’s training, getting expensive equipment is not the key to success. He even shared how when he started with the sport, he used a pre-loved bike to train proving that the equipment you start your training with doesn’t have to start from the highest level.

According to Coach Miguel, it’s more important to find the right equipment for your body tpe and your training level. In addition, beginner triathletes should focus on getting the right skills and fitness training when starting with the sport, noting that going more “premium“  in terms of equipment will come as you progress as an athlete. This way, you get the most out of your investment, your growth and pacing is in sync with your sporting gears, and you also hone what needs to be mastered at the beginning–that is the basics and fundamentals required to finish the different legs of a triathlon. “Start with the basics and fundamentals like handling, controlling, gearing and pacing when starting a triathlon workout,” he said.

“We’re here to make them better athletes,” Drew said after training with aspiring athletes, Jeff and Maridol.

While #SportsKoAyosDito promoted triathlon, it also reminded other passionate athletes that now is the perfect time to step out of one’s comfort zone and start the challenge of trying something new for the first time. For passionate beginners, it is easy to get started with AyosDito.ph.

“Prepare your endurance and general fitness first.  Then move up with race-specific workouts but taper down when nearing your race day. This way you’re ready for peaking during the race.”


prepare bikes
Coach Miguel Lopez teaches aspiring athletes, Jeff and Maridol, how to prepare their bike for training.

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