One of the fast-growing sporting trends in the country is Triathlon. From just a small community of athletes, it has now grown into a bigger network of sports enthusiasts who races competitively but trains as a community. Do you want to try out triathlon as a new hobby? It’s the perfect time to challenge yourself. Watch this to learn how Drew Arellano and supports aspiring athletes in the recently concluded #SportsKoAyosDito campaign. 


According to celebrity triathlete Drew Arellano, “One major misconception about triathlon is it’s an elitist sport. It’s not. For triathlete beginners, keep yourself informed about the sport. For example, with biking, there are lots of second-hand choices that can fit any beginner’s budget.”  

During the campaign Drew and Coach Miguel proved to two aspiring athletes how to start their training with pre-loved bikes.


Every item has a story

One of the bike sellers Drew and Coach Miguel chose was Noy Concepcion, a triathlete himself. He sold a Scott Speedster 50 Carbon Wheelset that is both competition-ready and appropriate for beginners. Upon meet-up, he shared how this bike was the bike he used to finish his first race.

“I thought I will be one of the lucky guys with two bikes in his garage but she ended up selling (this) bike and 24 hours later I have a buyer!” Noy revealed. “Thanks to AyosDito, we were able to pass on our bike to someone serious about the sport,” he candidly added.


Noy shares his stories about his bike. Meeting up with AyosDito bike sellers easily became a biking 101 session. 


Drew and Coach Miguel also found a Bianchi Road Bike on to fit his need of a 50 – 52 cm road bike for his size sold by Norman Artificio and Ted Itong. Two sellers hared how they recommend meeting up with sellers when purchasing items online. According to them, meeting up not only gives buyers an opportunity to really test the product, but also, it will help them create a rapport with the previous bike owner, and in return, provide insights on how to use the equipment for training—a real plus because getting valuable information from other triathletes can greatly help a beginner’s training.

AyosDito for sports is an online buying and selling website where people can post ads selling their pre-loved for FREE. In AyosDito, every ad published on the website is reviewed to ensure a spam and scam-free buying experience for online shoppers who want to score a great deal. Because of this, online buyers and sellers get to enjoy a friendly community of enthusiasts who, like in triathlon, can share their passions with ease.

“It was easy for us to find the right bikes for them; it was easy for us to communicate with the sellers also, and of course, to put the cherry on top, it was also an easy process of meeting the sellers,” Drew said

Believing in the potential of customer-to-customer e-commerce sites to promote and grow passions like sports, AyosDito Philippines Marketing Manager Rebecca Ricalde said, “At AyosDito, we are committed to helping Filipinos pursue their passions like sports by creating a hassle-free, safe, and trustworthy environment where experts and beginners can connect and transact with peace of mind. With AyosDito, we believe we can grow and sustain communities like sports. For this campaign, we are highlighting triathlon but the message applies for all sports and hobbies such as surfing, mountaineering, boxing and many more.”

Drew AD

Drew and Coach Miguel used to find great deals on pre-loved bikes perfect for beginners who want to train for a triathlon.

As the community of enthusiasts grow, the marketplace and passing on of pre-loved equipment also grows with it. This makes it easier for beginners to find pre-loved equipment and gears from fellow athletes on

Drew agreed, “That’s the beauty of this sport – it’s very competitive, but when you’re not racing, people are helping one another in terms of passing on the knowledge. In terms of equipment, it’s a good thing that there’s as a common marketplace.”

If you also have triathlon or any other sport in your bucket list, you can kickstart your new hobby with second hand equipment. No more excuses.


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