Welcome to my portfolio page. Here I’ve listed some mobile casual games I had the pleasure to be a part of. I handle product, marketing, and operations which includes overseeing app development, website management, webtool development, whitepaper and roadshow collaterals, social media optimization, and content marketing.

If you wish to learn more about my contributions in blockchain-powered projects and initial coin offering experience, and how we can work together, feel free to send an email inquiry.

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Content Marketing

Online Magazine & Publication Management

I oversee the content calendar of the XONIO Token Medium page. I work with a team of writers and creatives to produce articles and videos for the Company’s online magazine.

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Social Media Marketing & Optimization

Aside from overseeing the XONIO Token Medium Publication, I also oversee the content calendar across XONIO Token’s community pages. I handle social media marketing on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and LinkedIn. 

Visit my Social Media portfolio

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XONIO Token Instagram Page


Video Marketing

Content is also amplified via complementary video marketing efforts which include events coverage, about the project content, and simple how-to videos. 


Email Marketing

To amplify engagement with the XONIO Community, I also oversee planning and implementation of emailers sent out to partners, and potential investors who subscribed to the XONIO newsletter.


I’m also involved in creating content and in providing creative direction for any other emailers generated by our system for the token sale and upcoming activations.



Product Management

App Development


Website & Token Sale Dashboard Development

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