I have a major blunder. So I went to Singapore last Valentine’s Day, and of course D had something for me to make the holiday special, but I didn’t manage to take photos! In fact, we didn’t even remember to take our usual polaroid photo together. It’s a first! We always have a polaroid photo to mark a trip… boo. So in lieu of a polaroid, here’s a beautiful photo of one of my favorite paintings from the Monet exhibit at the National Gallery.

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But, I don’t feel entirely sad about it because I had the most normal holiday weekend—just the way I like it. It’s my third time to go to Singapore since we became a couple, and it just never gets old. Experiencing random daily nothings like we should be able to if it weren’t for the issue of distance. I like learning about D’s life in SG because I feel like I’m catching up with the supposed days we should’ve spent together. There was a time I started reading about random SG pop culture, and then suddenly, I became a target of Singaporean ads on Facebook! It’s funny, and I find it endearing at the same time.

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PS. Here’s a photo of my all-time favorite Hokien Mee at Orchard ION. I posted it Valentine’s evening, and one of my friends thought it was a bouquet! LOL

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