We’ve heard it all before. The best things in life are free. So… to cap off this week, I came up with a list of freebies (to suggest from HR!) that will make office life a helluva lot more fun. Just some things to consider if you’re looking at areas to improve on in your organization.

Focusing on f-u-n, I would no longer include in my list some usual non-negotiables like free healthcare, insurance, and allowances.

Coffee, tea, maybe snacks

I feel like this should be a given especially if your team entertains visitors for meetings. Although, with or without a visitor, I think it’s safe to say that your team deserves a wake-me-upper here and there.  NOTE: I’m not talking about instant coffee. I mean properly brewed joes.

white paper with yeah signage

Birthday gift

Not to sound like I’m drawing inspiration from my birth month, BUT, I think a simple token remembering your employee’s birthday would definitely bump the happiness factor in any organization. This can come in the form of a birthday leave, some gift certificates, company trinkets, or even just a card of appreciation! I know, it’s cheesy, BUT again… who wouldn’t feel appreciated with a little dose of thoughtfulness right?

Company merchandise

Nothing spells team better than a PROPER company merch. Be it office re-usables like customized coffee mugs or team jackets… company merchandise definitely ignites the team spirit. BONUS: having team shirts, etc also helps make a lovely team building group photo, don’t you think so?

Gym membership

Ahh… what a dream. Just imagine joining a company that walks the talk of “work-life balance” with complimentary or even just subsidized or discounted fitness membership packages. I’ve always admired companies who put a premium to their employee’s wellness. In any way you look at it, if your company puts your health first, then you know you aren’t just valued as a human resource. Quite literally, you are cared for.

BONUS FREEBIE: Fri-yay drinks + bbq!!! If you’re looking at really upping the ante of your status as #bestofficeEVER, Host fri-yay socials where employees can be active members of (ie. themed potlock, karaoke, etc)


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