This pretty much might sound like “back-up the back-up!

When work gets overwhelming, it’s easy to slide into oblivion and all of a sudden, find yourself a bit lost or worse, having overlooked a few things. Yes, it happens, but there are many ways to avoid the dilemma.

Here are some of my favorite work hacks to be more on-my-toes all the time.

Google Calendar

I’m a HUGE Google app user and one of my favorites would be the Google Calendar. I always have it as an active tab because it is the most eye-candy visual representation of the things I must do. It helps that everything can easily be moved around and color-coded too!

Keeping my Google Calendar tab active the whole day is so helpful because it visually tells me hey, you’re at this hour of the day. Oh look, there’s a task. Did that push through?

Even more, I set desktop alerts(and email notifications for really important tasks) for an extra boost of reminder. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but when you’re in-the-zone, it’s easy to forget the time etc. These notifications then become extremely helpful

BONUS TIP! When I send a calendar invite for deliverables (not meetings), I throw in a notification say a week or few days before so both my colleague and I are reminded of the task. I find this to be the most frictionless way to remind a colleague about something without being overbearing.


This is my FAVORITE project management tool. If you haven’t used Trello for work or even personal projects, I really recommend you do! Here’s a share code to get you started.

When managing a team for hygiene projects aka projects that are forever moving such as social media or blogs, I assign a specific board per person. This way I can easily see which team member is bogged down with work logs — great for went offloading assignments or even addressing efficiency issues.

At the same time, each board becomes an easy reference for which item to prioritize or not.


If you’re the type who talks to self to remember better, then the Telegram Saves Messages would be the digital version of that habit.

I used Telegram’s Saved Messages when I have random thoughts or links or even files that I don’t necessarily need to take on immediately but would like to attend to when my schedule is better.

This is most helpful for saving social media quotes or when transferring images without compressing files too much!

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