Last summer I went through a big box of old family pictures with my grandmother and grabbed myself some of my own childhood photos just because. Among the bunch, this shot from a swim was my favorite. Not to sound vain or anything, but I think I looked pretty calm yet determined, like I have something brewing inside my head. I thought, depth.

Nothing much has changed. I’m nearing my 30th birthday now and I feel the same at the core. I still gravitate towards things that require passion and resilience. I like the hustle and I love seeing how much I’ve grown.

So I figured, best to launch this idea to have a space online where I share all that hustle and growth with hopes that I can be of help or could spark a conversation.

Welcome to my worK space!

Here you can expect some of my worK hacks and some tips and tricks on productivity. I’m very proud of my work ethic and I really feel like that way I approach my responsibilities is pretty darn rare so… I hope you enjoy browsing through the next wave of kontent I have.

This is for her, that girl who never really lost the fire. 🙂

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