Over and Beyond

I can start this by saying, Sorry for the hiatus, but look ‘ma, I’m alive! but I think the better way of putting things is spelled as, I’m living.

The past few months has been a mix of amazing things and challenging turn of events, rolled into one. I remember when I turned 25, H told me that (somewhere) in Chinese belief, odd-numbered year olds are unlucky. Fated to be difficult; which, I at the time believed in full because year 25 was a crazy one. Then if I remember it correctly, Y and I broke up when I was 27, another odd-numbered year old. Now, here goes 29.

I’m a safely superstitious person. I see no harm in consulting the stars, fate, my gut, and the alignment of the planets every now and then. Sometimes, I think the context adds more color to what can be translated as dull things. Of course, I want the extra sparkle.

So while year 29 has been pretty interesting so far, I want to take this moment and share the extra sparkly memories that shaped Q1 2018. This will be a limited list because I was so busy actually living that I didn’t record everything online, no regrets! I’d document what I have, nonetheless.

January in Sagada

Always visiting my fave house in Sagada. #SGDbbday #KumiGo

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Just last week, I found myself considering going to Sagada again just because it’s truly, without any doubt, my favorite place. I know it may sound shallow, but I always visit that tiny house which I spiritually claimed as mine.

They say Sagada is changing so much too fast. It is. I wish I can slow it down a little, if not put it all to a stop, maybe throw in a little reverse. But I know that perhaps that’s just me being selfish. Like art, the best way to share what you love is to share it. I can only hope that people learn to be more responsible in appreciating these hidden treasures: out of respect for its locals, for its history, for people like me who have kept parts of their soul tucked between the mountains.

A taste of my happy place.

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Sagada, always and forever.

February at home

🎉happy babies

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Little by little, I learn to understand time based on how the ones I care about become. Last February, my niece turned one and it flashed the past year before me. I remember perfectly, I was at Solaire having breakfast, getting ready for a really early meeting (to be held in a really far venue from where I was at) when my brother messaged me that his wife is in labor. Fast forward to this year, she’s one. She’s playful. She’s every dream I will help come true.

Last week, M and I were reflecting about how family really trumps so many things. Despite the ups and downs, your family should always take up that little special place in your heart where you can find a mix of things: purpose, hope, strength.

March far away

Always 💖💖💖 #MuniMUINE #KumiGo

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To cap things off for Q1, I flew to Singapore then went on a side trip in Vietnam with D. I’m only going to say it here, sometimes, I catch myself thinking am I on my honeymoon?

I know Q2 would be a different adventure so I was hell-bent on making the most of March. If I were to be so self-centered about it, which frankly I really am, it was the month I deserved.

Shadow grr. #MuniMUINE #KumiGo

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Thank you.



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