After censorship

We all have our habits. Some of them we break, some break us.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the beauty of what’s temporary. While it’s probably human nature to always want more–we are wired to be greedy, I believe–there are times when I find myself basking in the beauty of things that I know will just pass by my fingers.


I’m such a catastrophic thinker, which is odd because I’m also a wildly positive person. I have very habits of…

imagining life happening without me, and consider how much nicer it could be.

imagining things ending, in every possible ways my mind can allow me to see things end.

imagining what it’s like to be the person I tried not to end up as–and be alone as that person.

I ended up deleting everything else. I feel so aware sometimes. I can be so conscious. Let me just share this song.


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