Start of the week

Monday blues. Hardly am I bit, but when I am. I’m bugged.

Yesterday was one of those really L O N G days. I was at work early, then had to go to the hospital for a doctor’s appointment. My doctor? He’s all the 2-hour bus trip away from where I work. That meant I was on the road for a good 4-hours. FU ovaries.

But now that’s out of the way, I have my next things to do to check. First, I have this side project that I’m brewing. I hope I find the strength, energy, and time to make that work. Second, I have an upcoming trip to prepare for. I’m so excited for that.

For now, I’ll share this poem that I left me feeling very pleased after writing. Sometimes, I am my own fan. Is that weird? I think it’s healthy naman. Sure, I’m my worst critic; but that shouldn’t stop me from being my number one fan too, right? At least sometimes!

So much feelings. Really liked this one.


There are countless sunsets sleeping in your chest
I have witnessed them sink in the silence
Right after you say good night
Right after you kiss both my eyes
In that split second you’re mine
When I was there absolutely yours
Timing is everything

There are 3AMs stolen from hell
Horns cut off every devil’s head
That we’ve clasped between cold palms
I felt them pulse hot almost scalding
But the traces left by your lips
Having just rained a hundred kisses on my favorite hand
Protect me from all that hurts
Timing is everything

So we welcome very rare mornings
Brightly creeping into black out curtains
Heavy with secrets it tried to hold captive
In a room of soft walls
Where adventures decorate the blank panels
A stain as soon as they happen
Almost sure they would happen again
Timing is everything

PS. My second dinner. Yes, after going through that 4-hour commute just to have my ovaries checked, I had to stay until midnight in the office. It’s okay. I did get to try what’s good at the recently opened Ramen Nagi near our office–focusing on the good things right there.

God bless

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