From Japan with love

Friday, thank goodness you’re here. I had the LONGEST week but I’m not complaining because I ended last week and started this week in Japan. I seriously cannot complain about my life!

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 4.59.33 PMLet me break down a few things that has been wanting a release. I will try my best to type things as they actually happen/sound like in my head.

Finally landed in Japan! I wanted my sister to take that photo because there’s a digital clock in the background. So far, Japan is the farthest plane ride I ever took. I didn’t sleep the entire flight. I woke up right when food was served–which was also the case going home! LOL Ang galing ko talaga pagdating sa pagkain!

First meal in Japan, some side street ramen! I had my usual chashu, because that’s all I know. It was good, but wasn’t that magical in comparison to the best Japanese noodle I ended up trying the next day. But, it did fill me up. It was roughly 11pm and my sister and I were both starving. Lesson learned, Japanese food serving’s very generous.

First metro train ride in Japan. This was when we finally transferred to the Ginza line–which ended up as my most used line since it drops us off a few blocks away our hotel. I memorized this line pretty quickly. There were a few occasions when deep inside I would panic and feel so lost… then I’d see the yellow circle G that stands for Ginza line and I’d feel safe again.

I hope you find me beautiful too. Ayan na ang drama ko. #TokYombies #KumiGo

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On our first full day in Japan, we went to Shinjuku Gyoen to take pictures with the remaining sakura blossoms. There wasn’t a lot anymore, but I had so much fun still. I wish we had more parks in the Philippines. I love seeing trees. I love hugging trees (literally). I love it when leaves break the sun and traces of the foliage mark my skin. I love trees so much! Okay, I’m being redundant now.

Achib thanks 📸@josemargo #TokYombies #KumiGo

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For the next day, my sister and I first took a lot of photos at Ginza street which was fortunately closed and was a pedestrian’s dream! It was soooo beautiful to see the place be packed by locals and tourists alike, taking pictures, just enjoying a good Sunday stroll.

After Ginza, we visited the Electric town, the Akihabara district. It’s my favorite, exactly how I imagined Japan to look like! Although I didn’t have so much geek in me, the whole vibe and energy of Akihabara was just divine. It was so true to its name–electric.

In the evening, we met up with my friends V and M again. We experienced eating at this standing sushi place where we ended up just copying what the guy next to us was ordering! LOL Good call though, because we ended up trying this huge red shrimp sushi that was a game changer. I never thought I would eat raw shrimp ever, but I did, and it’s all I can think of!!!

And then the much-awaited Tsukiji Market activity happened. Truly, the best morning of my life!!! If you haven’t yet, you should visit Tsukiji Market and just eat your heart out. I did. I conquered. I’m definitely going back the next time I can. Thinking about my breakfast at Tsukiji makes me want to cry and just want to teleport back to Japan!

After Tsukiji, we freshened up and decided to visit the Tokyo Imperial Palace where I saw this majestic tree. It inspired me to write a little prose–especially because at that time, I was feeling a bit tampuput.

Ginalingan #TokYombies #KumiGo

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And then we went to Asakusa to see a temple (the only temple we everysaw–not experienced!! Just saw!) throughout our Japan trip. It was sooo cute. I saw this green and pink Kimono at one of the stores behind the shrine, and it really breaks my heart that I didn’t get to buy it. Oh well.

After Asakusa, we were back at Shibuya (haha) and we tried out one of the photo arcade booths. Super cute!!! I would do it again, now that I know it would completely alter your face. I would do more Jappy poses.

Over-all, my Japan trip was such a let’s wing it type of trip. We mostly roamed and stayed in Shibuya and like I shared, didn’t even experience any of Japan’s temples or museums. Sad, I know…. but that only means I have reasons to come back. I really should. That’s the plan.

Anyway, if you reached upto this point, then you deserve to read this poem I wrote. Yes, arte. Kidding aside, thank you for reaching upto this point. That’s very sweet of you.

There’s a crowd in me that longs to know you
one for every alphabet, all of which are yours
one for every color dripping from the sky
when the sun sets and the atmosphere is painted by
the wars men can’t help begin

So don’t be scared when beside you wakes
a familiar stranger, by scent and taste
note only the surface shifts, she sits deeper than skin
she won’t give you up
your name is emblazoned, pulsing

This is what you do, when that morning comes
plant your hand
land your head
rest your mind
then ask,

Where have you been?
What have you seen?
How did it feel?

Then you’d see her flower
into the fruit you’ve taken a bite
she will burst into every flavor
one for every moment you thought she forgot
one for every worry you thought she won’t be back
because every letter is lined up in her mind
and they are in formation to calm your nerves
you are home,
morning and night.

Black Mambo by Glass Animals


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