Out of my reach

Let me begin with a trivia. Back in college, I was #blessed to be a student of the voice behind the number you dialed is out of coverage area, please try again later.

Now that’s out of the way, allow me to collect some thoughts that stirred my heart rate while I supposedly relaxed in my green tea hot bath. Granted, a lot of what I will note down are not breaking news, they still deserve the space because if anything, I love welcoming goodness in my world.

Life is full of surprises.

Walking back to our hotel (after the best standing sashimi experience of my life thus far), ate and I got into talking. We shared a heaviness that was lifted when this Tokyo trip happened. Never in our lives did we imagine we would ever set foot in Japan. Let’s end it at that.

My favorite colors... Pls note.#TokYombies #KumiGo

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Nobody likes being played a fool.

Sincerity is scarce. Sometimes, I still find myself wondering, why do some people toy with lives? Are we that bored and unsatisfied with our lives and comforts that if given a chance to enjoy an upperhand, we do?

At one point in this trip, I felt the realness of this thought. It’s not a matter of saving oneself. It’s not even a matter of putting value to you–insisting on your self worth. I like keeping things simple. Isn’t sincerity part and parcel, being kind? I always say that–think it–be kind. My goodness, be kindest when it’s the hardest. It’s not as easy as it sounds, buy with sincerity, isn’t kindness already ignited?

So I really don’t understand people who get so caught up with their selfish bones. No, I’m not saying I’m a selfless saint: but I am so aware of the importance of sincerity because next thought…

You can only control your own actions.

The beauty about life is despite the endless possibilities it can offer, the truth of the matter is, you can only truly just control your own actions.

Expectations, lucid dreaming, hyper-planning, and the likes aside, you can only really just be honest to yourself, give yourself a good fighting chance on the experiences you wish to enjoy, and just be kind. Be kind to you. Be kind to the person you are 10 years into the future–hell be kind to your tomorrow self. Be kind to people you want in your life (whatever their roles and statuses are in your mind). Be kind.

Anyway, I don’t know if I made any sense but my eyes are literally closing as I type. It’s a sign.

Let me end it with a realness that I hope isn’t news to you. Anxiety swallows love whole. 

I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.

The Professor by Damien Rice


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