With retrospect

I’m currently losing my wits! It’s vacation time!!! (Holy week holiday, nothing to be excited about. But I’m not a practicing Catholic… I’m not even Catholic anymore… so let me go back to being excited!!!)

Today was such a hustle. Really powered through, the best I can. Good thing my team is pretty awesome star players too. Tapping out by 3PM–with flying colors!

I’m also in a pretty GREAT mood so I managed to workshop this oldie but goodie poem I wrote last year, March 2016. As usual, it’S untitled… I really have to work on that part.

There’s a cherubim tucked between your smile
as if it labelled home, the fissures
forming when you light up,
mostly at me.

I think I make you happy.

My friends ask
do I love you?
Why don’t I say it as much
like I used to with other girls.
They just don’t know.
I tell you all the time.
It’s in the way I wake up
longing for you
the roll of your name as it slides down my tongue
how it tastes when you respond
say my name too
like a song never unsung.

Our wanting paints the sky
we hail a thousand sunsets
all imperfect,
an orange dotted heaviness
polluted by pushes and pulls
from my past, your fears; my mind, your chains.
But we sink into the view
we post, we tweet, we send to all
never undeclared.
The world is our witness.

You saved Eden on your palms
I saw the map when you cupped my face
your breath warm against my cheek
until we shower with milk and honey
hoping I’d make you happy.

What title would you give this poem?

Comment for recos.

Butterfly by Jason Mraz


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