In a day

Today I want to take a step back and bask on the fact that wow, it’s been a month. How fast time flies.

I also want to put together a few thoughts I’ve been collecting the past few days. From the magic that is Coldplay, to the different ways I felt (and missed feeling) the earthquakes of last week.

If I were to be truly honest, I have to admit that there’s no way in heaven the metaphors of last week could go without being sealed into a poem. So here I go.

You cut through the pristine like a rocket
steady sharp lightning fast
locked to the third beat skipping from my chest
an oddity one should be scared of, but I’m me

Today, I wore the thinnest sole
to feel the aftershock left behind by your pulse
and the ground shifts from the inside
nobody notices at first
how things have changed since we touched
friction-less crack of morning,
did you know hearts meet in an embrace?

How you dared
awkward bundle of loops and holes
split second clarity and shared perfume
that drew you less a stranger
like petals named by their cup

In less than a day you’re a month away
how I always go back to memorizing your face
as you talk, as you are
quiet skin and bones
wrapped in a sunday

David by Angus Maude


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