Back to the west coast

I feel so alive today. Not only did I sort a lot of things at home, I also managed to go to the Art in the Park event in Salcedo Park, which I promised myself I will go to yearly (after enjoying Art in the Park 2016 thoroughly last year). Whew!

Art in the Park 2017
Immediately upon arriving at the park, I saw this painting that wow, just took my breath away. In an instant, I felt it on my bones that I wanted it. It was a very simple piece, yet arresting. I felt so magnetized to it, and I wish I could bring it home; unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. It’s just Php 5,000 so it was well within my budget… but someone else got it before me.

The one that got away. #ArtinthePark

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I teared up. It was so embarrassing! But I wanted it so much. I was trembling when I saw it, and had to walk away. I was trembling when I returned to see if I can still buy it, and even ’til the point where I was willing to cut the reservation line, I was trembling. But like I said, it wasn’t meant to be. When I got back, it wasn’t there anymore.

So I found myself wandering about in Salcedo park. I was almost always uninterested with the other artwork for sale. Little girl painting was hard to beat. But I did see some interesting pieces, that were notable in their own ways. I really liked this heavily textured blue oil on canvass artwork. It reminded me of how unpredictable the ocean is. It felt vicious. Boy, did I want to touch it! But of course I didn’t. Instead, I let it touch me. So I wrote this little something (see photo caption).

It all changed when I saw this little number. It reminded me of Totoro, which of course reminded me of D. I couldn’t let it go, I guess having learned from my earlier mistake. I went through the pile of watercolor works, and it was the best of the bunch. I met the artist, and spoke to her a little. Most of her pieces are inspired by fairy tales, books, and movies. I hoped so hard that she had an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind work somewhere there, but there was none. No complaining though, because seriously… looking at my Art in the Park 2017 takeaway, I have no reason to complain. It’s such a beauty. It makes me feel melancholic and peaceful at the same time. What a comeback, Universe!

Over-all, I really enjoyed this year’s Art in the Park. There were more galleries last year, I think, or at least there were more pieces that caught my eye then; however, those little details don’t dull down the spark of Art in the Park 2017. I’m so thrilled to own my lovely watercolor piece. Sometimes, I find myself just looking at it and I’m just in awe at how it makes me feel so… complicatedly beautiful and sad at the same time.

PS. I also saw an ex today. Super funny! Last year, I also saw an ex. This year, a different one (ironically, the ex I saw today is the then girlfriend when I saw an ex last year, lol). Abangan ang Art in the Park 2018!!!

Birds by Lydia


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