After a dream

Today’s pretty interesting. I got home late last night. Slept right away, but despite the drunkenness, I still woke up almost every hour. I don’t know if I should start getting worried. I’ve always figured I have sleeping problems… But this whole waking up hourly is my hatest of them all.

I finally hauled my ass off my house and went to see my pulmo-doc. She told me I have asthma and now I have an inhaler as a best friend. But at least that’s being sorted out…

The past few weeks have been extra colorful. So many reasons.

But if I were to sum up March, here are the little details that made it EXTRA golden.

First and foremost, I finally confirmed my best friend’s birthday. It’s March 31!!! I’m so happy, after so many years of guessing and greeting her three times during her birth month, I now have an answer! To boot, I also have a pretty amazing gift for her.

Which brings me to the second golden detail of March 2017. Last March, I finally got my hands on two Funko Pops I’ve been dying to have. One, the Tina Belcher Funko, my elusive spirit animal! Second, is my best friend’s very own Mia Wallace, finally.


Amazing. Just amazing.

I know it’s just April 1, but I feel like I’m already looking back at March as if it were a different lifetime. I remember myself in those golden moments where I’m just like, “Wow. What a dream come true.”

March is pretty dreamy indeed.

It started when I attended the Wanderland Music Festival. Ah-Mah-Zahng! I went with my friend Dindin, and I know she went there to support me and to expierience something for the first time, but I think she got way too much than she asked for–good and bad!

But to me, it was such an amazing day. I still have my WanderlandMusicFest tan lines to remind me of how happy I was. The best part of course was experiencing Explosions in the Sky perform Your Hand in Mine live. THAT blew my mind.

Speaking of music, I also experienced watching THE Lea Salonga sing A Whole New World live! Juskolord. I think if I could go back in time, I’d tell little girl me to be so excited for that moment cause clearly, my heart wasn’t ready. I don’t think I’d ever be, but I can try give little girl me a heads up, just in case it helps!

Shining shimmering splendid 💖💖💖 #idaretodream

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Aside from music, I also found my old poetry blog. I knew I had one, which incidentally used to be hosted under my but since I started using my dot com here, I sort of lost track where that poetry blog got redirected back to. Good thing I rediscovered it! So, stay tuned. I’d start a poetry section on this blog… and even add new ones! Hope you notice the improvement in my writing style–assuming there is progress!

I also saw the play called The Nether. Oh dear, I cried. The very last part was such a punch in the gut.

Last but definitely not the least, #eleven.

Every day is a gift. Time slips away, mostly too fast. So live in the nows. Enjoy the sure stuff. Power through the things you’ve yet figure out. Trust your gut, just go. But don’t forget to take care.

Say It Again (Acoustic) by Frances

PS. I find it really endearing that March felt like a dream, and that I found myself typing this blog with a title “After a dream” because, well, #dreamteam.


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