To 2017!

I want to start the year with a confession, so here goes nothing.

I’m excited for 2017 because as much as I am aware that the whole concept of a “New Year” is just a social construct, this very social construct appeals very well to the escapist in me. This “New Year” rings in a fresh start for me. I have new planners and calendars to fill up. It’s like my whole environment is focused on forgetting 2016 ever happened. That years was one big ball of mess.

Not that it was bad. It was good when it was good. But to say that I’m not happy that it’s over is a BIG lie.

I remember I was at Changi airport when I was rambling to S how much I want 2016 to be over. I felt like I made so many mistakes and I just want a do-over stat! Good thing it’s here… hello 2017!

This year would be a year of movement aka traveling. I’m so excited! I ended 2016 by purchasing a roundtrip ticket to Batanes (on my birthday month) so I really think I’m off to a good start!

I’m also setting up the ground rules to my 2-year plan which is basically my short-term goals for when I ring in my big 3-0!

I know it’s too early to tell, but I think this year has more good things to offer, than bad. I learned a lot from last year, both from my mistakes and from my constant reflection. I got to know myself even better, so I feel like I have a stronger hold of myself too. That’s always a good thing to have. I know I’m far from getting where I want to take myself. I’m not even 100% sure yet where I do want to go… but I feel a bit more comfortable in my being a little bit lost. I am lost. I am wandering. I am continuously changing. It feels eerily beautiful. Scary, yes. But like I said, I feel a bit more comfortable.

First hair color of the year:

A photo posted by kumikomae (@kumikomae) on Jan 7, 2017 at 2:40am PST

It’s been two days since I last spoke a word. I guess that’s my reality, living alone. Earlier, while washing dishes, I thought to myself, “I wish I had a pet cat.” Unfortunately, my studio right now doesn’t allow pets… so meantime I just have to practice patience and be steadfast with my 3-0 plans so in two years, I can move to somewhere more spacious so I can accommodate more, pets included.

This year holds so much promise. I can’t wait to experience them all! I really do hope I thrive. I don’t want to survive another year. I want to own 2017! I want to keep this inspiration lit and be my own light. Anyways, I have always been that. Sunshine

So in the spirit of welcoming 2017, albeit late… it’s been a good whole weekful of 2017 already… why am I only doing this now?? Here’s a list of things that ought to make 2017 the year of years!

  • Dumaguete-Siquijor in January
  • Ilo-ilo-Guimaras in February
  • Wanderland Festival in March
  • Tuguegarao in March
  • Tokyo, Japan in April
  • Maybe Sagada in June
  • Calanggaman, Leyte in August
  • Puerto Princesa in October
  • BATANES in October
  • Hongkong in December

Basically, I’m really living the simplest and am in my most frugal mode this year… so much booking! Good thing I can earn shopback rewards from!

I’m also doing the 50-peso challenge! So I’m hoping by end of year, despite the many travels, I’d still have some sort of budget to work my Christmas Magic with!

Good luck to me. Good luck to us! Let’s do this, 2017!

Ultralight Beam – Local Natives


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