Into the Storm

June was quite a silent month for this blog. Even in real life, I was feeling recluse and I suppose it was only natural that even digitally, the words were elusive. So let me start with my June take-away, Lexa.

One of the unique things about June 2016 was my temporary stay at my friend R’s condo. Along with it was more time to read books and watch my favorite shows. For June, it was The 100 that took over my nights. June was the month when I met Commander Lexa. Heda, ‘grounder’ word for commander, is a gem. Every time I’m sad, I’d reminisce that scene where she vowed to Clarke, her on-screen partner. Oh man, that to me is how I want to be loved. That to me is how I want to love, too.


Aside from Heda, I also got into reading comics and graphic novels. I also started a toy collection last June. It’s a slippery slope, but it’s so much fun. I love venturing into new hobbies such as this geekery. I’m also twice as excited because I’m imagining that when I do move out, my new apartment would be so Kumi-fied. I’m such a personality, I’d love to think. Can’t wait to build my “space” from scratch!

My sister also started watching One Tree Hill, and it’s giving me so much nostalgia feels. OTH was THE series that defined my college life. Not only was the storyline so relatable for me, the music was also quite my college playlist. I’m so happy my sister is giving it a chance, and along with it, I re-watch. It’s such a thrill to still get capsules of wisdom from a show I thought I have seen enough.

On a different note, here comes July. Boy, did this month start with a bang! Work is great. Exciting things to come, as always. Lovelife is greatly changed, now back to being single. Family is starting to stabilize, f-i-n-a-l-l-y!

Despite the not-so-great things going on in the background, I remain hopeful. There’s this song stuck in my head, Enchanted by Taylor Swift. It’s leaving me doe-eyed about what the future has to give. The Universe is so good to me. I’m so grateful and happy.

There’s so much to be hopeful about. No matter how long it takes for you to find the words, keep on moving forward. If you’re taking so long to grow into an emotion, it’s okay. Protect and stand up for yourself, slowly but surely. Then when you find that thing you want, focus. Don’t overthink. Keep your eye at the ball and let the game take you places.



Song for this feeling: Enchanted by Taylor Swift (just a cover)





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