In the Zone

Life always has room for firsts.

Last Sunday was my first time to bother even going to the Art in the Park event, held annually at Salcedo Park, Makati. It was also the first time I ever bought an artwork! It felt so good.


Things the experience made me realize…

It’s worth it to get out of your comfort zone.
I’m a pretty lazy person. If I don’t exactly LOVE a certain activity, it’s so hard for me to get my ass moving. I’m a child of the extremes, I suppose. I either really love it, or I entirely wouldn’t bother. For this case, I bothered. I didn’t really love the whole idea of going to the art fair, especially because I had no plans of buying a piece; but good thing I did right? So worth the effort.

Grab on what you love.
Basic rule of shopping, if you can’t stop thinking about something, BUY IT. So I saw this little painting, and I immediately gravitated towards it because it’s SO me! It’s super-duper cute. Even recalling it by visual memory makes me happy! So it’s 5K, it’s money well spent. My happiness over it seems evergreen.

Happiness, once found, once felt, is always worth it.

Do things together
Life doesn’t offer security. Everything is temporary, so while you can (when you can), spend time with each other and do stuff pun intended. Late in the office, A approached me to share his Chinese poem from the Chi temple in Baguio. Of course none of those info are verified, but I believe anyway. He just shared how the temple responded to his prayer back when he had to ask if he’d go back and work here at X. It was a cute story. I always approach A when it comes to M culture issues, mostly because I know he got to surmount the cultural differences. I know I sound like I’m making a big deal about the whole thing, naturally I don’t give an F…

Anyway, he pointed out how my “problem” is both sex(uality) and culture. Insert slow nods here.

My body just responded, I know right…

You should go to the temple. Ask about your future.
But we don’t have one. We just have *nows*.

Song for this feeling: Near You Always by Jewel

Always, K


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