In Your Eyes

I feel a fresh kind of happiness. It feels so good.


Although I don’t really compare, it’s hard not to. When you came from a very toxic relationship, the stark difference of a light, relaxed, and trusting relationship can be arresting–in a good way.

So, before I forget, allow me to tell you how it feels like to see you look at me the way you do. Because I think you should know how you make me feel. I think, you deserve to know what you do to me.

When you look at me, I can feel how gentle you are to me. I sense it, your lingering looks that trace my face like as if you want to see me clearer and closer. I should be feeling awkward, but I feel safe instead. You look at me so kindly. I’ve never seen that in another person’s gaze.

Last night, I saw just how much you refuse to share me; but not because you believe you own me. Though you did take my hand and said, “All mine.” You don’t possess me. You respect that I am my own, and that it is in my choosing to share myself with you (only you) that I become yours.

Last night, I felt just how much you liked having me from the tips of my fingers. I felt like flying, good thing you kept me from floating away. I could’ve you know. Despite my deepest wish to just stay there, palm to palm, because we’re each other’s.

You feel like a holiday, you have no idea. I can’t stop celebrating all of who you are. You make me so happy. When I look at you, I feel everything. You don’t even have to worry about not finding the right words to say. I see you, too.

Song for this feeling: The Party by Regina Spektor

Always, K


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