Up There

Yesterday I was talking about how people aren’t ready for anything (as much as we try to brace ourselves). And by people, I mean me.

So today I want to bring to your (or my) attention how I’ve been needing some convincing. Not to sound like the Grinch who stole Christmas, but I guess I should recognize that yes, whatever the reason behind this behavior; be it excessive fear, lack of faith, manifestation of me being jaded or naive, I think there’s a huge part of me that is wanting some convincing.

As if signs will guide me to the right path…

Last week I had this lovely brief tét-a-tét with Tita Bikka of TitaDiaries.com and part of our topics was the Manny Pacquiao issue. What did we feel about it?

Generally, we had similar feelings towards the issue. Which, mind you, I felt was a testament to how people are people and love is love and we are all the same yadida.

Every time such issue is abuzz, I always find myself typing a status, then re-evaluating if bigotry is worth my attention, until I decide to back away. I hate saying my peace for close-minded people. I have this little belief that it’s not my responsibility to teach other people to be better humans. If that made me sound like I have given up hope on humanity, then I’d take the exaggeration. But truth is, I acknowledge that since I have only borrowed time in this earth I’d rather spend it surrounded by kindness than making it spring from dry land. Guess, I’m the ante-hero complex.


About the issue, I feel bad for Pacquiao. He’s entitled to his own opinion, and yes, he can very much interpret and practice his religion the way he finds fit; but unfortunately he’s made himself a government cog so unfortunately for him, he must remember that his free will to religion isn’t welcome when it comes to actual practice of law. Until now, I can’t believe Philippines is the only country in the world without divorce. With such backward-thinking, close-mindedness, and if I may put it, selfishness… is there any hope for same sex marriage to even happen in my country, in my lifetime?

There are people who’ve said that I’m being brave for being openly supportive of gay marriage, gay adoption… With all due respect, I humbly dissent. I am not being brave, I’m a decent human being… love is a human experience, not a political statement. – Anne Hathaway

I don’t care if he (and people who think like him) fail or refuse to acknowledge homosexual love (which I only refer to as ‘love’ but for the purpose of being clear as ice, I threw in homosexual prior). I don’t care, as long as the government recognizes that there are rights deprived of homosexual partnerships. The no.1 reason I want to marry is to love my partner in life and in death. If I’m on my death bed, I’d want my partner beside me, no questions. I wouldn’t want her to struggle just to prove her value in my life. And when I die, I want her to have every right due her to enjoy the benefit of having been my life partner.

So I feel bad for Pacquiao. I’m just 27 and I have accepted homosexuality as a human right earlier in my life. I feel bad for Pacquaio (and people who think like him) who are so limited in enjoying love. How could they have reached such stature with a close mind? You mean, they are so limited by their bigotry that they are incapable of celebrating love in every form? Homosexual love is equally beautiful. I feel bad they can’t celebrate that love (which will persist even without them acknowledging it).

Which brings me to how people (and by people, I mean me) sometimes need convincing. Right now, I’m thinking… is there a future in this? I know I’m enjoying every waking moment so I’m not missing out in the nows… but when silence creeps in, the questions light up like Broadway signs. Is there a future in this? We’re not even recognized by the law (though we can always move, but do I want to move).

What do we have to look forward to? How much can we build and share with each other? What’s the whole point of the this?

So I seek the stars.

Song for this feeling: Cosmic Love – Florence and the Machine

Always, K


One thought on “Up There

  1. I totally agree with you!

    But regarding the future, just to let you know (and also, so that you won’t be thinking about the future much right now) I had a lesson in Philosophy (which is my favorite lesson btw) during college that tells us to concentrate on the “now”, not the “yesterday” or “tomorrow”, not even “later” or maybe few seconds after I post this comment. Because we can see how beautiful life is if we focus on the “now”. It’s not wrong to plan for the future (actually, I think it’s just right to make plans because) but it’s also not wrong to think about how good your hair looks right now, how you’re enjoying your coffee right now. It brings us back to what they call ‘jouissance’, which means finding joy in the simplest things.

    Think of the future, but enjoy the “now” too! Love your partner. Love her with all your heart, tell her how much you care for her everyday, don’t forget to make her smile all the time. Enjoy your dates and dinners, and enjoy all the time you’re with her. Smile, Kumi!

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