Underneath It All

Sometimes, when I think about how life goes for me, I can’t help but wonder, why do I always have to be ready?

Then I remember how it’s who I have become, the ready-er. I guess if there’s a takeaway from the things I’ve been through, it’s to not let yourself be so taken aback that you’re unable to stand tall when fazed by life’s surprises.


Although I acknowledge that it’s impossible to ever be ready for anything, I know that it doesn’t hurt to brace yourself. I don’t enjoy it, but I always brace myself for the most random, and sometimes morbid situations. I have all these blown-up situations that play in my mind that I prepare myself for–even if there really is no assurance that the shit I imagine will happen–often they don’t. Whew.

Last weekend, M and I went to Art Fair 2016 held at The Link Carpark in Makati. It was the first time for me to attend an Art Fair event. I had no idea it would be a tiring experience, but I enjoyed it. To be honest, there wasn’t that one artwork that hypnotized me the way I imagined to be hypnotized by art; but that doesn’t mean I didn’t see anything nice. I’d post about my random favorites on my other website, TitaDiaries.com. If you’re interested to check out which artworks intrigued me, you can visit our Tita Life website. Warning, I didn’t take note of which gallery or artist made what. Oops!

Now for some sort of closure.

Post Art Fair, I now find myself watching Carol. I’m having a hard time focusing on the movie because I’m frankly, so very physically tired from all the activities I’ve been pre-occupying myself with; but I do feel arrested by a few lines from the film.

Ask me things.



Small deep conversations are so beautiful. Conversations that can only be understood by two souls are beautiful. Silence between beating hearts, so so beautiful.

When you strip conversations of malice and romancing, and you let the truth come out in its full form, it’s beautiful. I think people are (naturally) always looking to witness the realness of moments, albeit not being ready for something real. Oh, and how beautiful it is to be in awe.

Song for this feeling: Love Me Tender – Elvis Presley

Always, K



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